The Dream Client Sprint

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An intense 12 weeks program for creative studio owners that want to learn how to create high-ticket business opportunities in a step by step process.
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An intense 12 weeks program for creative studio owners that want to learn how to create high-ticket business opportunities in a step by step process.

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Is something holding you back?

Learn what your dream clients desire, where to find them, and how to gain access.

Lacking access to decision-makers?

Get past gatekeepers and reach the C-suite without sleazy sales pitches.

Struggling to get bigger budgets?

Be the least risky option and become trusted to lead clients beyond their comfort zone.

Stop competing and start growing your business!  

This program is designed to help creative companies to get out of the competitive rat-race. It is for ambitious studio owners with big dreams that need guidance to reach their next level.

Step 1:

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Step 2:

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Win the client; not the pitch

So many studios never reach their full potential simply because they get stuck competing. They focus on other studios' successes, copy & paste their approach and get themselves into a rat race.

Here's the thing, though. You don't need to work harder to stand out.


Gain the competence to sell your creative services. You may even start to enjoy it.


Gain clarity around your dream client's desires, how to find them, and how to win their trust.


Get past gatekeepers and reach decision-makers without sleazy sales pitches.

The Blueprint

I reveal powerful tactics my team and I use to help creative companies generate high-ticket leads.

Business Mindset

Free Training: The Creative Blindspot

The right mindset opens doors. Yet, the wrong mindset will keep you locked up inside your comfort zone.

Week 1: The Growth Mindset

The right mindset opens doors. Yet, the wrong mindset will keep you locked up inside your comfort zone.

Week 2: Value Not Price

The right mindset opens doors. Yet, the wrong mindset will keep you locked up inside your comfort zone.

Bonus: Hero, Goal & Obstacle

Prepare your journey with this classic storytelling technique. 

Business Planning

Week 3: Niche Marketing

Become truly relevant to your dream clients, hence solve your positioning problem once and forever.

Week 4: Big Budget Offers

Learn how to make offers that get you the big budgets you need to perform at your very best,

Bonus: Business Planing For Creatives

As a foundation for our journey, I'll teach you how to write a concise business plan for your studio.

Studio Presentation

Week 5: An 8-Figure Pitch-Deck

I'll walk you through the 5-act structure of a recent 8-figure pitch and explain how this applies to you.

Week 6: Business Communication

Good copywriting is about conveying information. Superior copywriting is about feeling understood.

Week 7: Launch A "Best-Selling" Website

Learn how to optimize your website in a way that compels clients to call you before anyone else.


Week 8: High-Ticket Lead-Generation

Use LinkedIn and my best practices and proven messaging templates to get in front of decision-makers.

Week 9: The Five Steps Of Sales Talks

Learn what question to ask and what information to provide in order to turn prospects into clients within your first conversation.

Week 10: The Sales Video Funnel

A digital sales funnel qualifies prospects and educates them around the value of design. So when they show up, they are ready to talk business.

PR & Marketing

Week 11: Content Marketing

You'll learn a simple yet efficient way to create content consistently by only infesting a few hours each month.

Week 12: Performance Marketing

Learn to run some basic ads on FB & Instagram or Youtube to fill your lead generation funnel.

Bonus: Public Relations

Learn a simple process to write compelling PR articles and publish them in magazines that your dream clients read.

*Course program may be subject to change during the process.
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How it works

Step 1 — Watch the video modules online

Each Monday at at 10 am CEST I will unlock your weekly online video modules.

Step 2 — Study with the workbook

Complete the exercises inclluding actionable worksheets at your own pace.

Step 3 — Connect with the community

Get feedback and learn with your class-mates in our online community space.

Step 4 — Join our mastermind calls

Join our weekly Q&A calls, Thursdays at 4 pm CEST, and get all your questions answered.

What you get

Lifetime Access

Finish the program at your own pace. You'll get lifetime access to all modules.

Full Support

You can ask me anything in our community forum. I'm commited to help you the best I can.

Bonus 1:1 Session

You'll have a free 1:1 coaching session with me to ask for feedback on your personal journey.


This program comes with all sorts of templates, worksheets, and checklists.

Meet your guide

Marko Pfann

Founder & Executive Coach (ICF & NLP)

I'm an awareded designer and former agency owner that turned business coach and now runs a full-service sales agency for creative studios called

Within 20 years, my path led me to brand 60+ tv-stations, win 20+ top-notch creative awards, build a globally operating brand agency (which eventually I sold), and became a certified coach for creative executives.

I'm also the creator of the "Job Hunting Strategy for Creatives" course at DOMESTIKA.


  • Das Erste, Germany
  • Red Bull TV, Austria
  • Astro, Malaysia
  • CCTV, China
  • Oman TV, Oman
  • SBS, Australia
  • Sky, Germany

What Students say


The next step is a personal discovery call to ensure that you qualify for this program. In this call, I will explain the process in more depth, provide details and answer any of your questions.
If you qualify for the program, I will make you a great offer on that call.
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You don’t need an Emmy!

All iconic studios had their big breakthrough when they won their first dream client. And so can you! Imagine how it feels working with dream clients.
That said, what I teach requires taking action. If you are unwilling to get out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself, this is not for you.

Keen to win some dream clients?

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100% money-back guarantee

Try it for 14 days, risk-free. This program is designed to achieve a 10-100x ROI, provided that you go through the exercises and take massive action.

If you don't think it will be worth your investment during the first 14 days, let me know, and I will refund your money.
How long do I have access to the course?

How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as this program exists. Watch it again and again, across any device you own.

Will this work for me?

I don't offer you a silver bullet — But if you're willing to do the work, I guarantee a transformative experience that unlocks new opportunities, sometimes even a whole new world.

Marko, how do you know this works?

Because I've done this many times by now. It not only worked for me but also for most of my one-on-one coaching clients. What I've learned is that if you take action, you will get results. I've seen it transform studios from order-takers to respected players in their field.

How fast can I expect results?

I've seen my 1-on-1 coaching clients getting results after only a few weeks. But, it obviously depends on your situation. More importantly, results depend on how fast and how bold you take action.

Just in case, can I get a refund?

Yes, you can. To be eligible for a refund, you must email me within 14 days of your purchase, including a brief description of why this is not working for you and how I can improve my services.

How do I know that we're a good fit?

The best way to know for sure is to hop on a call with me so we can find out. If you believe this could be a great fit, then let's talk Schedule your free call today.

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